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The CERN CLOUD experiment
Editor(s): V.-M. Kerminen, J. H. Seinfeld, N. M. Donahue, K. Carslaw, and J. Abbatt

Special issue jointly organized between Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics and Atmospheric Measurement Techniques

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Characterisation of organic contaminants in the CLOUD chamber at CERN   
R. Schnitzhofer, A. Metzger, M. Breitenlechner, W. Jud, M. Heinritzi, L.-P. De Menezes, J. Duplissy, R. Guida, S. Haider, J. Kirkby, S. Mathot, P. Minginette, A. Onnela, H. Walther, A. Wasem, A. Hansel, and the CLOUD Team
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 7, 2159-2168, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1541 KB)   Discussion Paper (AMTD)

  18 Jul 2014
Effect of ions on the measurement of sulfuric acid in the CLOUD experiment at CERN   
L. Rondo, A. Kürten, S. Ehrhart, S. Schobesberger, A. Franchin, H. Junninen, T. Petäjä, M. Sipilä, D. R. Worsnop, and J. Curtius
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 7, 3849-3859, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 3567 KB)   Discussion Paper (AMTD)

  19 Nov 2014