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Air-sea flux climatology; progress and future prospectsEditor(s): C. Robinson, J. Kaiser, C. McNeil, D. Woolf, J. Shutler, C. Garbe, and P. Challenor

Special issue jointly organized between Biogeosciences, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, and Ocean Science

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First laboratory study of air–sea gas exchange at hurricane wind speeds   
K. E. Krall and B. Jähne
Ocean Sci., 10, 257-265, 2014
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 659 KB)   Discussion paper (OSD)

  23 Apr 2014
Air–sea fluxes of oxygenated volatile organic compounds across the Atlantic Ocean   
M. Yang, R. Beale, P. Liss, M. Johnson, B. Blomquist, and P. Nightingale
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 14, 7499-7517, 2014
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 7021 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)

  24 Jul 2014
Comparative heat and gas exchange measurements in the Heidelberg Aeolotron, a large annular wind-wave tank   
L. Nagel, K. E. Krall, and B. Jähne
Ocean Sci., 11, 111-120, 2015
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 2548 KB)   Discussion paper (OSD)

  26 Jan 2015
Measuring air–sea gas-exchange velocities in a large-scale annular wind–wave tank   
E. Mesarchaki, C. Kräuter, K. E. Krall, M. Bopp, F. Helleis, J. Williams, and B. Jähne
Ocean Sci., 11, 121-138, 2015
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 4733 KB)   Discussion paper (OSD)

  28 Jan 2015
Biogeochemical variations at the Porcupine Abyssal Plain sustained Observatory in the northeast Atlantic Ocean, from weekly to inter-annual timescales   
S. E. Hartman, Z.-P. Jiang, D. Turk, R. S. Lampitt, H. Frigstad, C. Ostle, and U. Schuster
Biogeosciences, 12, 845-853, 2015
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1411 KB)   Discussion paper (BGD)

  12 Feb 2015
Remote sensing the sea surface CO2 of the Baltic Sea using the SOMLO methodology   
G. Parard, A. A. Charantonis, and A. Rutgerson
Biogeosciences, 12, 3369-3384, 2015
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 5324 KB)   Discussion paper (BGD)

  04 Jun 2015
The OceanFlux Greenhouse Gases methodology for deriving a sea surface climatology of CO2 fugacity in support of air–sea gas flux studies   
L. M. Goddijn-Murphy, D. K. Woolf, P. E. Land, J. D. Shutler, and C. Donlon
Ocean Sci., 11, 519-541, 2015
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 8337 KB)   Supplement (16385 KB)   Discussion paper (OSD)

  08 Jul 2015
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