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ACP – Volume 7, issue 5

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The influence of African air pollution on regional and global tropospheric ozone   
A. M. Aghedo, M. G. Schultz, and S. Rast
Page(s) 1193-1212
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 2860 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  22 Feb 2007
Direct observations of the atmospheric processing of Asian mineral dust   
R. C. Sullivan, S. A. Guazzotti, D. A. Sodeman, and K. A. Prather
Page(s) 1213-1236
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 3331 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  22 Feb 2007
The oleic acid-ozone heterogeneous reaction system: products, kinetics, secondary chemistry, and atmospheric implications of a model system – a review   
J. Zahardis and G. A. Petrucci
Page(s) 1237-1274
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 770 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  22 Feb 2007
Simultaneous ground-based observations of O3, HCl, N2O, and CH4 over Toronto, Canada by three Fourier transform spectrometers with different resolutions   
D. Wunch, J. R. Taylor, D. Fu, P. Bernath, J. R. Drummond, C. Midwinter, K. Strong, and K. A. Walker
Page(s) 1275-1292
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1095 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  22 Feb 2007
MAX-DOAS detection of glyoxal during ICARTT 2004   
R. Sinreich, R. Volkamer, F. Filsinger, U. Frieß, C. Kern, U. Platt, O. Sebastián, and T. Wagner
Page(s) 1293-1303
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1554 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  22 Feb 2007
Annual variation of strato-mesospheric carbon monoxide measured by ground-based Fourier transform infrared spectrometry   
V. Velazco, S. W. Wood, M. Sinnhuber, I. Kramer, N. B. Jones, Y. Kasai, J. Notholt, T. Warneke, T. Blumenstock, F. Hase, F. J. Murcray, and O. Schrems
Page(s) 1305-1312
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1046 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  26 Feb 2007
Stratospheric dryness: model simulations and satellite observations   
J. Lelieveld, C. Brühl, P. Jöckel, B. Steil, P. J. Crutzen, H. Fischer, M. A. Giorgetta, P. Hoor, M. G. Lawrence, R. Sausen, and H. Tost
Page(s) 1313-1332
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 14723 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  27 Feb 2007
Detecting charging state of ultra-fine particles: instrumental development and ambient measurements   
L. Laakso, S. Gagné, T. Petäjä, A. Hirsikko, P. P. Aalto, M. Kulmala, and V.-M. Kerminen
Page(s) 1333-1345
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 3337 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  27 Feb 2007
Characterizing ozone production in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area: a case study using a chemical transport model   
W. Lei, B. de Foy, M. Zavala, R. Volkamer, and L. T. Molina
Page(s) 1347-1366
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 4090 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  27 Feb 2007
Efficiency of cloud condensation nuclei formation from ultrafine particles   
J. R. Pierce and P. J. Adams
Page(s) 1367-1379
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 624 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  27 Feb 2007
Modelling iodide – iodate speciation in atmospheric aerosol: Contributions of inorganic and organic iodine chemistry   
S. Pechtl, G. Schmitz, and R. von Glasow
Page(s) 1381-1393
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 2177 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  28 Feb 2007
MIPAS Level 1B algorithms overview: operational processing and characterization   
A. Kleinert, G. Aubertin, G. Perron, M. Birk, G. Wagner, F. Hase, H. Nett, and R. Poulin
Page(s) 1395-1406
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 816 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  28 Feb 2007
Is aerosol formation in cirrus clouds possible?   
J. Kazil, E. R. Lovejoy, E. J. Jensen, and D. R. Hanson
Page(s) 1407-1413
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 666 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  28 Feb 2007
Extinction coefficients retrieved in deep tropical ice clouds from lidar observations using a CALIPSO-like algorithm compared to in-situ measurements from the cloud integrating nephelometer during CRYSTAL-FACE   
V. Noel, D. M. Winker, T. J. Garrett, and M. McGill
Page(s) 1415-1422
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 625 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  08 Mar 2007
SAGE III aerosol extinction validation in the Arctic winter: comparisons with SAGE II and POAM III   
L. W. Thomason, L. R. Poole, and C. E. Randall
Page(s) 1423-1433
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 6647 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  08 Mar 2007
Technical Note: Regularization performances with the error consistency method in the case of retrieved atmospheric profiles   
S. Ceccherini, C. Belotti, B. Carli, P. Raspollini, and M. Ridolfi
Page(s) 1435-1440
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 340 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  12 Mar 2007
The tropospheric processing of acidic gases and hydrogen sulphide in volcanic gas plumes as inferred from field and model investigations   
A. Aiuppa, A. Franco, R. von Glasow, A. G. Allen, W. D'Alessandro, T. A. Mather, D. M. Pyle, and M. Valenza
Page(s) 1441-1450
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1121 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  13 Mar 2007
Signature of Arctic surface ozone depletion events in the isotope anomaly (Δ17O) of atmospheric nitrate   
S. Morin, J. Savarino, S. Bekki, S. Gong, and J. W. Bottenheim
Page(s) 1451-1469
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 926 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  13 Mar 2007
Mesoscale modelling of water vapour in the tropical UTLS: two case studies from the HIBISCUS campaign   
V. Marécal, G. Durry, K. Longo, S. Freitas, E. D. Rivière, and M. Pirre
Page(s) 1471-1489
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1862 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  19 Mar 2007
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