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ACP – Volume 5, issue 2

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Corrigendum to "Climatologies of subtropical mixing derived from 3D models" published in Atmos. Chem. Phys., 3, 1007–1021, 2003   
V Eyring, M. Dameris, V. Grewe, I. Langbein, and W. Kouker
Page(s) 293-293
Final revised paper (PDF, 2032 KB)   

  04 Feb 2005
Investigation of inertia-gravity waves in the upper troposphere/lower stratosphere over Northern Germany observed with collocated VHF/UHF radars   
A. Serafimovich, P. Hoffmann, D. Peters, and V. Lehmann
Page(s) 295-310
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1110 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  04 Feb 2005
Tropospheric ozone over Equatorial Africa: regional aspects from the MOZAIC data   
B. Sauvage, V. Thouret, J.-P. Cammas, F. Gheusi, G. Athier, and P. Nédélec
Page(s) 311-335
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 10989 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  07 Feb 2005
Measurements of tropospheric NO2 with an airborne multi-axis DOAS instrument   
P. Wang, A. Richter, M. Bruns, V. V. Rozanov, J. P. Burrows, K.-P. Heue, T. Wagner, I. Pundt, and U. Platt
Page(s) 337-343
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 367 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  07 Feb 2005
Fluorescence from atmospheric aerosol detected by a lidar indicates biogenic particles in the lowermost stratosphere   
F. Immler, D. Engelbart, and O. Schrems
Page(s) 345-355
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1112 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  08 Feb 2005
Deployment of a ground-based CIMS apparatus for the detection of organic gases in the boreal forest during the QUEST campaign   
K. Sellegri, B. Umann, M. Hanke, and F. Arnold
Page(s) 357-372
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1675 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  08 Feb 2005
Measurements of organic gases during aerosol formation events in the boreal forest atmosphere during QUEST   
K. Sellegri, M. Hanke, B. Umann, F. Arnold, and M. Kulmala
Page(s) 373-384
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1804 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  08 Feb 2005
Near-IR photodissociation of peroxy acetyl nitrate   
S. A. Nizkorodov, J. D. Crounse, J. L. Fry, C. M. Roehl, and P. O. Wennberg
Page(s) 385-392
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1783 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  10 Feb 2005
Using a photochemical model for the validation of NO2 satellite measurements at different solar zenith angles   
A. Bracher, M. Sinnhuber, A. Rozanov, and J. P. Burrows
Page(s) 393-408
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 793 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  10 Feb 2005
On the growth of nucleation mode particles: source rates of condensable vapor in polluted and clean environments   
M. Kulmala, T. Petäjä, P. Mönkkönen, I. K. Koponen, M. Dal Maso, P. P. Aalto, K. E. J. Lehtinen, and V.-M. Kerminen
Page(s) 409-416
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 905 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  10 Feb 2005
The two-way nested global chemistry-transport zoom model TM5: algorithm and applications   
M. Krol, S. Houweling, B. Bregman, M. van den Broek, A. Segers, P. van Velthoven, W. Peters, F. Dentener, and P. Bergamaschi
Page(s) 417-432
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1425 KB)   Supplement (5054 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  10 Feb 2005
Technical Note: The Modular Earth Submodel System (MESSy) - a new approach towards Earth System Modeling   
P. Jöckel, R. Sander, A. Kerkweg, H. Tost, and J. Lelieveld
Page(s) 433-444
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 717 KB)   Supplement (259 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  10 Feb 2005
Technical note: The new comprehensive atmospheric chemistry module MECCA   
R. Sander, A. Kerkweg, P. Jöckel, and J. Lelieveld
Page(s) 445-450
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 437 KB)   Supplement (1408 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  11 Feb 2005
A practical demonstration on AMSU retrieval precision for upper tropospheric humidity by a non-linear multi-channel regression method   
C. Jiménez, P. Eriksson, V. O. John, and S. A. Buehler
Page(s) 451-459
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 443 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  11 Feb 2005
Commentary on cloud modelling and the mass accommodation coefficient of water   
A. Laaksonen, T. Vesala, M. Kulmala, P. M. Winkler, and P. E. Wagner
Page(s) 461-464
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 180 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  14 Feb 2005
Eddy covariance flux measurements of biogenic VOCs during ECHO 2003 using proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry   
C. Spirig, A. Neftel, C. Ammann, J. Dommen, W. Grabmer, A. Thielmann, A. Schaub, J. Beauchamp, A. Wisthaler, and A. Hansel
Page(s) 465-481
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 654 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  15 Feb 2005
Measurements of N2O5, NO2, and O3 east of the San Francisco Bay   
E. C. Wood, T. H. Bertram, P. J. Wooldridge, and R. C. Cohen
Page(s) 483-491
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 859 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  15 Feb 2005
Actinometric measurements of NO2 photolysis frequencies in the atmosphere simulation chamber SAPHIR   
B. Bohn, F. Rohrer, T. Brauers, and A. Wahner
Page(s) 493-503
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 857 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  15 Feb 2005
A comparison of new measurements of total monoterpene flux with improved measurements of speciated monoterpene flux   
A. Lee, G. W. Schade, R. Holzinger, and A. H. Goldstein
Page(s) 505-513
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 369 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  15 Feb 2005
To what extent can aerosol water explain the discrepancy between model calculated and gravimetric PM10 and PM2.5?   
S. G. Tsyro
Page(s) 515-532
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 2138 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  16 Feb 2005
Microphysics and heterogeneous chemistry in aircraft plumes - high sensitivity on local meteorology and atmospheric composition   
S. K. Meilinger, B. Kärcher, and Th. Peter
Page(s) 533-545
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 648 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  21 Feb 2005
Climatological features of stratospheric streamers in the FUB-CMAM with increased horizontal resolution   
K. Krüger, U. Langematz, J. L. Grenfell, and K. Labitzke
Page(s) 547-562
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 3971 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  21 Jan 2005
Increased Northern Hemispheric carbon monoxide burden in the troposphere in 2002 and 2003 detected from the ground and from space   
L. N. Yurganov, P. Duchatelet, A. V. Dzhola, D. P. Edwards, F. Hase, I. Kramer, E. Mahieu, J. Mellqvist, J. Notholt, P. C. Novelli, A. Rockmann, H. E. Scheel, M. Schneider, A. Schulz, A. Strandberg, R. Sussmann, H. Tanimoto, V. Velazco, J. R. Drummond, and J. C. Gille
Page(s) 563-573
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 440 KB)   Supplement (10 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  21 Feb 2005
Cloud droplet activation and surface tension of mixtures of slightly soluble organics and inorganic salt   
S. Henning, T. Rosenørn, B. D'Anna, A. A. Gola, B. Svenningsson, and M. Bilde
Page(s) 575-582
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 921 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  24 Feb 2005
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