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Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics An interactive open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 17, 439-448, 2017
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Research article
10 Jan 2017
Impacts of air pollution and climate on materials in Athens, Greece
John Christodoulakis et al.

Data sets

V. Kucera, J. Tidblad, F. Samie, M. Schreiner, M. Melcher, K. Kreislova, R. A. Lefevre, A. Ionescu, R. Snethlage, C. Varotsos, F. De Santis, G. Mezinskis, I. Sidraba, J. Henriksen, J. Kobus, M. Ferm, M. Faller T. Yates, J. Watt, R. Hamilton, and S. O'Hanlon
Modeling of soiling based on silica-soda-lime glass exposure at six European sites
A. Ionescu, R.-A. Lefèvre, A. Chabas, T. Lombardo, P. Ausset, Y. Candau, and L. Rosseman
Dose–response function for the soiling of silica–soda–lime glass due to dry deposition
T. Lombardo, A. Ionescu, A. Chabas, R.-A. Lefèvre, P. Ausset, and Y. Candau
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Short summary
In this paper we present the corrosion/soiling results obtained from the analysis of different kind of materials that were exposed in Athens during the period 2003–2012. According to these results, the corrosion/soiling of the particular exposed materials tend to decrease over the years, except for the case of copper. Based on this long experimental database, applicable to multi-pollutant situation of the Athens basin, we present newly developed dose–response functions (DRFs).
In this paper we present the corrosion/soiling results obtained from the analysis of different...