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ACP – Volume 10, issue 11

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Airborne measurements of aerosol optical properties related to early spring transport of mid-latitude sources into the Arctic   
R. A. de Villiers, G. Ancellet, J. Pelon, B. Quennehen, A. Schwarzenboeck, J. F. Gayet, and K. S. Law
Page(s) 5011-5030
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  01 Jun 2010
Circumpolar measurements of speciated mercury, ozone and carbon monoxide in the boundary layer of the Arctic Ocean   
J. Sommar, M. E. Andersson, and H.-W. Jacobi
Page(s) 5031-5045
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  01 Jun 2010
The hygroscopicity parameter (κ) of ambient organic aerosol at a field site subject to biogenic and anthropogenic influences: relationship to degree of aerosol oxidation   
R. Y.-W. Chang, J. G. Slowik, N. C. Shantz, A. Vlasenko, J. Liggio, S. J. Sjostedt, W. R. Leaitch, and J. P. D. Abbatt
Page(s) 5047-5064
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  01 Jun 2010
A trajectory analysis of atmospheric transport of black carbon aerosols to Canadian high Arctic in winter and spring (1990–2005)   
L. Huang, S. L. Gong, S. Sharma, D. Lavoué, and C. Q. Jia
Page(s) 5065-5073
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  04 Jun 2010
Biogenic oxidized organic functional groups in aerosol particles from a mountain forest site and their similarities to laboratory chamber products   
R. E. Schwartz, L. M. Russell, S. J. Sjostedt, A. Vlasenko, J. G. Slowik, J. P. D. Abbatt, A. M. Macdonald, S. M. Li, J. Liggio, D. Toom-Sauntry, and W. R. Leaitch
Page(s) 5075-5088
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  08 Jun 2010
Origin and transport of Mediterranean moisture and air   
I. Schicker, S. Radanovics, and P. Seibert
Page(s) 5089-5105
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  08 Jun 2010
Size distributions of elemental carbon and its contribution to light extinction in urban and rural locations in the pearl river delta region, China   
H. Yu, C. Wu, D. Wu, and J. Z. Yu
Page(s) 5107-5119
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  08 Jun 2010
Corrigendum to "Impact of dust on tropospheric chemistry over polluted regions: a case study of the Beijing megacity" published in Atmos. Chem. Phys., 10, 3855–3873, 2010   
S. Zhu, T. Butler, R. Sander, J. Ma, and M. G. Lawrence
Page(s) 5121-5121
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  08 Jun 2010
Uncertainties in wind speed dependent CO2 transfer velocities due to airflow distortion at anemometer sites on ships   
F. Griessbaum, B. I. Moat, Y. Narita, M. J. Yelland, O. Klemm, and M. Uematsu
Page(s) 5123-5133
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  09 Jun 2010
Post-coring entrapment of modern air in some shallow ice cores collected near the firn-ice transition: evidence from CFC-12 measurements in Antarctic firn air and ice cores   
M. Aydin, S. A. Montzka, M. O. Battle, M. B. Williams, W. J. De Bruyn, J. H. Butler, K. R. Verhulst, C. Tatum, B. K. Gun, D. A. Plotkin, B. D. Hall, and E. S. Saltzman
Page(s) 5135-5144
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  09 Jun 2010
Perfluorocarbons in the global atmosphere: tetrafluoromethane, hexafluoroethane, and octafluoropropane   
J. Mühle, A. L. Ganesan, B. R. Miller, P. K. Salameh, C. M. Harth, B. R. Greally, M. Rigby, L. W. Porter, L. P. Steele, C. M. Trudinger, P. B. Krummel, S. O'Doherty, P. J. Fraser, P. G. Simmonds, R. G. Prinn, and R. F. Weiss
Page(s) 5145-5164
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  09 Jun 2010
Water uptake and chemical composition of fresh aerosols generated in open burning of biomass   
C. M. Carrico, M. D. Petters, S. M. Kreidenweis, A. P. Sullivan, G. R. McMeeking, E. J. T. Levin, G. Engling, W. C. Malm, and J. L. Collett Jr.
Page(s) 5165-5178
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  10 Jun 2010
Cirrus clouds triggered by radiation, a multiscale phenomenon   
F. Fusina and P. Spichtinger
Page(s) 5179-5190
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  11 Jun 2010
The Arctic Research of the Composition of the Troposphere from Aircraft and Satellites (ARCTAS) mission: design, execution, and first results   
D. J. Jacob, J. H. Crawford, H. Maring, A. D. Clarke, J. E. Dibb, L. K. Emmons, R. A. Ferrare, C. A. Hostetler, P. B. Russell, H. B. Singh, A. M. Thompson, G. E. Shaw, E. McCauley, J. R. Pederson, and J. A. Fisher
Page(s) 5191-5212
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  14 Jun 2010
Are there urban signatures in the tropospheric ozone column products derived from satellite measurements?   
J. Kar, J. Fishman, J. K. Creilson, A. Richter, J. Ziemke, and S. Chandra
Page(s) 5213-5222
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 3177 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  14 Jun 2010
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